Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Demonstrating Love

It's a good thing the Valentine festivities around here didn't depend on me this year-- what with being gone most of the week last week, and then not feeling well this week. If it had been up to me the holiday would have been largely ignored, at least in the way of decorations. Laura, however, was on top of things. Shortly after the Christmas decorations came down in early January, she festooned the front door with strings of whimsical paper hearts. I've enjoyed looking at them each time I go through the foyer on my way upstairs.

Then last week the girls made themselves Valentine mailboxes (fashioned of cereal boxes, decorative paper, and ribbon) and hung them in the hall as an invitation for any "interested parties" (i.e. family members) to leave sweet notes or small gifts. Mostly they've had fun surprising each other.

Laura presented each of us with a thoughtful Valentine gift yesterday. Mine was some yummy-smelling refills for my Scentsy. She got her dad a box of candy and her sister an adorable stuffed puppy. She has such a giving heart.

Last night Lyle apologized because he hadn't got me anything. I told him that didn't bother me in the least. "Remember the Starbucks you left on my desk earlier in the month? That says 'I love you' better than you buying me something just because the stores say you should!"

I still don't feel much like celebrating today, but that's okay. When you truly love someone Valentine's Day isn't much different than any other day of the year. We can go out for dinner, or buy candy or flowers... or even a Starbucks... any time we want to!

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Farrah said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day! This is one area Laura and I have in common. I love decorating for this holiday! =)