Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Winning Community

 I love the blog community! I enjoy reading others' stories and getting to know new friends, as well as keeping up with old friends. I also enjoy participating in blog parties and giveaways. Just recently I won two different blog giveaways! It had been awhile since I won anything... but to be honest, it had been awhile since I had taken the time to enter any giveaways. 
In March, I won the Spring Retreat Basket hosted by Kellie Falconer @ Accordion to Kellie, and sponsored by Winnie Nielsen. Originally I received a pink mug, but sadly, the USPS didn't handle it as carefully as they could have, and it arrived in several pieces. It certainly wasn't Winnie's fault and I wasn't going to tell her that it had gotten broken, even though I was disappointed because I thought it was such a cute mug... but she emailed and asked if it had arrived safely. Of course, I had to tell her then, but I assured her she didn't need to replace it. She insisted anyway. As it turns out, the pink mug was no longer available, but I could choose sage green or cream (either one would go with the lid). As you may have noticed, sage green is one of my favorite colors, so I was very happy to choose that color. I like it even better than pink. This sweet collection is just perfect-- including all my favorite things: reading, writing, coffee and tea! Thank you, Winnie and Kellie!
More recently I entered the Ultimate Blog Party giveaways, even though I didn't have as much time to participate as I have other years. It's such a huge party, you never know what you might win. Turns out, I won an "artisan gemstone necklace with sapphires, garnets, citrines, carnelians, quartz and chalcedony on a gold fill chain" from Patty Woodland @ Broken Tepee Designs. Aren't the stones beautiful? I wish I knew which ones were which. Patty also included a bar of her goat milk soap from her other shop, Happy Goats Soap. I love handmade bar soaps, so that was a nice bonus. What a fun prize! Thank you, Patty!

Speaking of blog giveaways... it's not too late to enter and spread the word about my 10-Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway! I'm giving away over $400 worth of books and other goodies.


bp said...

Blog giveaways are so fun! I remember feeling so excited when I entered and found out I was the winner. Such a fun surprise.

Have a nice weekend.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Ooooh, fun! I like the teacup that you won. (AND, I'm anxiously awaiting the drawing for your blog give~away.) =) Whoever wins, will have a treasure.