Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camping on the Border

This past weekend we went camping
up in the very tip-top of the Idaho panhandle,
just 1 mile from the Canadian border.
The weather was iffy all weekend.
Our campsite was right on the Moyie River,
which was pretty full... and cold!
What's this?
A flirting bench?
Why, I believe it is!
I think that handsome man is
just waiting for me to sit down and flirt with him!
The sun was out on Saturday morning when we got up.
We cooked our breakfast over the fire.
We had planned to go for a hike after breakfast,
but it started pouring down rain,
so Lyle took a nap under the awning instead.
Notice that the sun is still shining
even as water streams off the awning.
That's the way it was all weekend...
alternating between rain and sunshine.
So we decided to go for a drive up the mountain.
We went as far as we could before we got turned back by snow.
Here's the gang tromping through the snow
to see how deep the snow is around the next corner.
So then we came back down the mountain.
And the sun came out.
The wild roses are budding.
It's still early spring in the mountains.
Since it wasn't raining
when we got back down to the trail head,
we decided to hike in to see Copper Falls.


Jan Cline said...

We also camped, but not as remote. Lionhead campground at Priest Lake gets pretty muddy in the pouring rain! Didn't see much sun. But that's camping!

pse said...

Looks like you had a good time anyway! Beautiful pictures,

Making Memories 1999 said...

Beautiful area and pictures! So glad you had a relaxing weekend!

Aliene said...

Love the pictures. Hope you got that flirting man off the bench.

Jeff Hoots said...

At least you made it camping. Good for you! We had to cancel our most recent trip due to weather. Don't take these opportunities for granted!