Thursday, July 12, 2012

In My Work Basket

My take-along project this summer has been a custom order I received through my Etsy shop for 100 crocheted washcloths. I love making them, and they are small enough to carry along with me to work on at odd moments in the car or whatever.

"Why in the world would anyone need 100 washcloths?" you might ask. Good question! My customer is a bride-to-be and she plans to use them for favors at her wedding, tied up with a hand-made bar of soap that she will make herself. Isn't that a charming gift? She needs them by the first part of September, and I am on target to have them finished well ahead of schedule.

As soon as I finish this order, I am eager to get some new sets made up in the lovely colors I've added to my yarn stash lately. My mother says having that much yarn on hand would overwhelm her. But then I reminded her that she has more fabric on hand than that. So I guess she could could relate.

If I get my washcloth inventory worked up far enough ahead, I have plans to branch out into crocheted bridal and baby accessories eventually. So many pretty patterns and ideas on Pinterest keep me motivated. But that may be more than I end up having time for. We'll just have to see.

I opened my Etsy shop last August, and it's been even more fun than I expected! Good thing, because I sure don't make much money for my time. It's more of a hobby. But that's okay. At least I feel productive "after hours" this way.

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