Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day Festivities

We enjoyed a full day of family, friends, and fun. It was a very traditional, all-American 4th of July.

The kids were in the Coeur d'Alene parade, marching with the Spirit of '45 organization which honors local World War II veterans.
 It's been years since we had been to a parade on Independence Day. I love watching a parade, but don't usually enjoy fighting the crowd.
My parents are visiting this week from Arkansas, so that added to the fun. Dad has a nice camera. He took lots of pictures so the kids could see some of the other entries in the parade (since they were in it).
 Afterwards, the kids were invited to hang out at a friend's house for the afternoon. They enjoyed horse-back riding (a rare treat for them) in addition to other activities.
 They came home worn out and sun-burned, but ready for a barbecue supper...
 ...and fireworks!
I was ready to head for bed long before they were.

God bless America!

(My friend, Farrah, posted more pictures of our day on her blog, Light in the Sphere.)


Farrah said...

Thank you for the invite and hosting! We can give you our pics Wednesday if you like. :-)

Jan said...

Great photos!! :-)

pse said...

It was a very fun day! Glad we got to spend it with you.