Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trip Tallies

If you can't tell from my series of mobile posts on Saturday and Sunday, Lyle and I had a wonderful time on our little weekend getaway, and we packed a whole lotta sight-seeing into those two days. 

The weather was glorious. When we got up early Saturday morning Lyle told me there was a weather advisory for Tillamook (our destination that day). I immediately thought of a tsunami or something catastrophic like that. "It's a Heat Advisory," he said, "s'posed to get up to the high 80s or low 90s." I thought he was kidding. Seriously? Even if it's unusual to be that warm on the coast why does that warrant a Heat Advisory? 

Sure enough, it was that warm when we got there about 4:00. We were a little concerned because our room didn't seem to have air conditioning. After a half hour or so we stepped outside to head to the beach, and the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees! It was breezy and cool on the beach. I wore my sweater, and Lyle was kinda glad we had bought a hoody at the cheese factory earlier, because he hadn't taken a jacket along.

On Sunday afternoon we stopped for a short hike in Mount Rainier National Park. It was a crystal clear day with a fantastic view of the Mountain. Other times we've been there the Mountain has been clouded in. It was plenty warm, too. There was still a good bit of snow on the ground (yes, in August!) but it was melting fast.

In addition to snapping photos I kept a tally list in a little notebook as we went along. It's important to count random things, you know. I'm not sure why... but it is. I guess. Anyway, it's kinda fun. Here are my weekend tallies:
  • Miles traveled -- 1,012
  • Major mountains visible on our route -- 3 
  • Detours -- 2
  • Tunnels -- 3
  • Scenic overlooks stopped at -- 4
  • Hikes -- 2 
  • Campgrounds driven through -- 7
  • People cavorting in the rivers and streams -- 46 bajillion (suprisingly, the ocean beach wasn't terribly crowded when we were there)
  • Episodes of Car Talk listened to via podcast -- 3
  • Episodes of Unshackled listened to via podcast -- 1
  • Sermons listened to on CD -- 2
  • Vehicles in Army convoy we passed -- 14
  • Deer seen on road -- 3 live, 1 dead
  • Ford trucks with mirrors like Lyle wants -- 5
  • Washcloths crocheted -- 10


Keetha Broyles said...

GREAT tallies!

You know I "get" the whole tally idea.

I'm just a bit sad that you didn't encounter any Martians or Polar Bears.


pse said...

However did you have time to count 46 bajillion people? Great list!