Friday, November 30, 2012

November Fragments

And yet another week has gone by without a blog post. (Well, that's not entirely true. I did blog on Tuesday on the Sonlight Blog. That counts!) However, I shall try to atone for my non-blogginess this week by sharing some more fragments today.

Do you know how gray and dark and depressing it's been around here lately?
Not only have we had gray, rainy days... we're a little short on daylight just now. I came out of Costco yesterday to discover it was pitch dark at 4:20 in the afternoon! I mean, pitch dark, not just starting to get dark. Just three more weeks until the daylight hours start getting longer again.

* * *
On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I had the privilege of going to the junkyard Pull-and-Save again with my favorite gear-head. He was needing some spare parts to fix up Laura's "new" car. It's just like this one, only not, um, smashed. Thank God!
I felt so sorry for whoever wrecked this car. It had apparently been a young lady's car based on the cluttery stuff that was still in it-- hair ties, a stray shoe, etc. I hope she survived. I think it would be a miracle if she did. I pray every day that God keeps our girly safe when she's driving.

* * *
We had no guests and no invitations for Thanksgiving...
...but we had a lovely feast anyway, just the four of us. The table wasn't particularly fancy, but the food and the fellowship was good. We have our family, our health, our home, our jobs... which is more than many people have... so we consider ourselves blessed!

* * *
On the Saturday after Thanksgiving one of us turned 47. You may recall that we celebrated the other one of us turning 48 back in the summer. I'll let you use your detective skills to figure out which is whose birthday, because I'm sure it's important to you!
We celebrated by spending the day just hanging out. We had a lunch date, and then walked around downtown Spokane for awhile. We were home by dark for an at-home pizza and movie night... but then decided on the spur-of-the-moment to take in a late night movie as well. Happy birthday to me!

* * *
Laura and her bestie were invited to a "smug" party... which, from all that I could gather, meant that they were supposed to dress formally and act snobby.
So here they are, preparing to put on airs. Aren't they cute?

* * *
And thus concludes another week's worth of fragments.
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Bee said...

We didn't have guests over for Thanksgiving, either. It's sort of a tradition, to take the time to spend just the 2 of us. Well, and our cats, who hovered around the table while we ate!

Keetha Broyles said...

Sorta relieved 'cause when I saw that picture I THOUGHT your hubby WRECKED in that car. Whew.

The Tgiving food looks awfully yummy to moi.

You're BOTH so young you're practically babies, so I don't wanna HEAR ABOUT IT!

Hehehehehe - - - I'm pretty much staring down the gun barrel at 60, so I can say that.