Monday, February 4, 2013

Post Falls Coffee Company

Several years ago, when we first moved to this neighborhood, it didn't take us long to scope out the coffee kiosks in the area. We live in the Northwest, you know, where there are tiny little coffee shops every few blocks. Post Falls Coffee Company soon became our favorite, partly because it was only about a mile from our house... but mostly because they make good coffee! (Some of the other kiosks we tried were kinda hit or miss. They might get our order right one time, but not the next. Or the taste wouldn't be consistent from one visit to the next.) It turns out, we're coffee snobs... but, hey, when you spend 3 or 4 bucks on a "frou-frou" coffee, you want it right, don't you?

Anyway, time went along and we began to recognize the young couple who owned the little kiosk down the road. We still didn't know their names, but could always count on a friendly greeting... and they would remember our "usual" orders. (Decaf caramel macchiato for me. Peppermint mocha for Lyle.) One day I noticed that they had Bible verses written in wipe-off marker on the inside walls over the windows.

And then, last summer, we started going to a new church where we didn't know anyone. We thought. On our first Sunday there, during the "meet-and-greet" portion of the service, the couple sitting in front of us turned to greet us. Familiar faces. Where had I seen them before? "The coffee shop!" I gasped. "We know you from the coffee shop!" Turns out their names are Gabe and Mandy, and over the past few months we've gotten to know them a little better now that we go to church with them. That makes it even more fun to stop for coffee and quick visits when we're out and about.

Back in the fall, Gabe had told Lyle that they were hoping to open a second location this winter, with a real sit-down coffee shop and a bakery. We were so excited, because we love to go on coffee dates, but the only sit-down coffee shops here in Post Falls are the big chains, which don't have quite the charm of the locally owned places. Finally, about a month ago, we learned that they had signed the lease on the building and would be opening in February.

We took special interest in watching their progress each time we drove past. Did I mention that it's located between our house and the print shop, right on the street Lyle drives every day to work? So yeah, we pass it practically every day. Last Thursday we noticed their sign was up. Lyle worked late that night. I went to hang out with him. It was about 10 p.m. when we went home, and the lights were still on at the coffee shop. We could see them in there still working. What we didn't realize was that they would be open for business on Friday, February 1st!

This week's Saturday morning breakfast date was for coffee and scones at the brand-new Post Falls Coffee Company and Bakery.

And so... we have a new favorite neighborhood hang-out!


Jan said...

Yey! I wanna go sometime too. We will have to meet some afternoon when you are free. :-)

Haruhi21 said...

Gabe and Mandy are amazing! Known them for some years now, and it's been fun following their progress with Post Falls! I hope to get out West again someday and have the pleasure of seeing their cute little spot for myself in person. ^_^

Pj said...

We have known Gabe and Mandy since they were children, and we are so thrilled with their diligence and the way God has rewarded their diligence! I can only imagine how delicious those scones were. :) Thank you for posting about them and their new shop. Happy coffee dates to you and Lyle!


Paula Johnson

Gabriel's brother, Rudi, is our son-in-law, and our daughter babysat Mandy when she was a youngster. :)

Dolores said...

Karla, thank you so much for the great post about Gabe and Mandy's latest project. Gabe is our youngest (7th) son, and Paula (PJ) and I share grandchildren (Our Rudi and their Carla). Gabe and Mandy are such a wonderful team, aren't they?! How great that you met up with them in church! These things don't happen by accident!

My husband and I are hoping to see their new place in May. Maybe we'll get to meet you, too!