Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Banquet

Our church had a Valentine dinner for married and engaged couples last night. It was a lot of fun. Each table was set for four couples. We enjoyed visiting with the other couples at our table and getting to know them better.

The young people had set up a "photo booth" and passed out our pictures at the end of the evening. I thought that was pretty cool.

The dinner was delicious. During dessert we enjoyed a mini-concert by a 4-piece string ensemble made up of four siblings who are all 16 and under. They are amazing musicians.

After dinner the pastor and his wife had planned some "activities." They asked for 3 couples to volunteer (or be volunteered). We did not volunteer... but some friends at our table volunteered us... and so we were drafted. We haven't been going to this church all that long, so it was kind embarrassing to be the center of attention like that.

Two tables were set up at the front of the room. One for the 3 ladies... the other for the 3 men. Each table had 6 incomplete projects... half were traditionally "women's work" and the other half "men's work." The projects included: pounding nails into a board, using a socket set to screw bolts into a board, putting batteries into a flashlight, separating egg whites, threading a needle, and folding a fitted sheet. Each person had to complete two of the projects (one "woman" project and one "man" project). My responsibility was to separate the eggs and put the batteries in the flashlight and turn it on. Easy-peasy. I was glad I didn't have to pound the nails. I'm sure they probably would not have gone in straight. And I'm not sure I would have known how to use the ratchet, though I probably could have eventually figured it out. Lyle's jobs included threading a needle (and tying a knot in the end) and pounding the nails. He later told me he was glad he didn't have to separate the eggs. The goal was to see which team could complete the tasks fastest. The women ended up winning but only because the men's flashlight didn't work, I think.

In any case, the three couples who participated each got a gift. Ours is a $10 gift card to Post Falls Coffee Company. I decided that was worth being drafted!

The next activity involved blindfolded men putting their faces in a bowl of whipped cream to eat the cherry at the bottom of the bowl. I was glad we weren't drafted for that one.

The evening wrapped up with an inspiring message on marriage by a special speaker. It was a fun way to spend Valentines Day evening with my sweetheart.


Keetha Broyles said...

And a very fun time was had by all - - -

pse said...

Sounds fun! Glad you had a good time.