Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chicken Update #4

I'm told it's past time for an update on The Girls. Looking back at the previous update, I have to agree. These little biddies are growing and changing practically before our very eyes!
 They moved from their brooder to their coop last weekend. This morning when I went out to check on them, they were cuddled together in one of the nesting boxes.
 As soon as they saw me they decided it was time for breakfast. So they headed out the door and down the ramp to the feeding trough.
They are curious little things. So much fun to watch and talk to. They move around so fast that it's hard to get a good picture of all four of them at once.


Denise said...

YAY! I was just telling DJ all about your chicks the other day.I told him I hoped they were doing okay because you hadn't posted about them lately! :) We are enjoying your chick, chickee, chicken stories!

pse said...

Oh, my, they have changed. Such a good project for Rebecca!