Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chicken Update #5: Two Months Old

The Girls are two months old today. I guess it's more accurate to say that today is their two-month "Gotcha Day" rather than their birthday, because we don't know exactly how old they were when we brought them home. Just a day or two, probably.
Becky tenderly cares for them each day, talking to them, petting and stroking them, until they are quite tame. They always come running when she approaches their pen. They don't that for anyone else in the family, so it's clear who the Mama Hen is!

She told me a few days ago that it was time for a bigger feeder. She was having to refill their baby feeder too many times a day. So we stopped at the farm store to get a new feeder yesterday. They still had baby chicks.

"Oh, Mom! They're so cuuuute! Ours weren't this small when we got them!"

I assured her they were. She didn't believe me until I showed her this picture.
Gathered around the baby feeder 2 months ago.

Checking out the new feeder.
The Girls are definitely looking more and more like hens, but their combs aren't very big yet, so they are in a kind of funny-looking stage.
They continue to be a source of great entertainment, which is the whole idea.

Becky has started her own blog to post more frequent pictures of the girls, as she learns how to do it.

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