Friday, May 10, 2013

Natasha's Lambs

 "Would you like to come out and see the lambs?" she asked at church last Sunday.

You see, all winter I've been asking her, "Are you going to have lambs in the spring?"

Natasha has three pet ewes and all three were expecting "blessings" this spring. I looked forward to seeing pictures and reading about them on her blog, Day by Day. I mean, seriously, is there anything cuter than babies in the spring?

Sadly, one of the ewes lost her babies, but another one had twins, and third one a single-- so there are three babies. And when Natasha invited us to visit the lambs we jumped at the chance. Yesterday was a perfect day for it-- sunny and warm.
The sheep were in the orchard which is, of course, in bloom. Ah, spring! Curious, as many farm animals are, they were interested to see us coming along the lane.
Natasha introduced them to us. This mama is Sweet Pea. Her older daughter (born last year) is Maggie-- also known as the Nibblin' Lamb-- and her new baby is Katniss.
Emma, the white sheep, has twins, Amy and Rory. The babies decided it was time for a quick snack... and I have to tell you, a still picture does not do this moment justice. It is just adorable to watch the little lamb tails wag furiously as they nurse.
After a little while the sheep seemed to get comfortable with us being there in the orchard with them. Sweet Pea and Katniss snuffled on my feet. Later Maggie decided to try to take nibble! Which, of course, is how she got her nickname.
Just look at this sweet face! I could sit and watch the lambs all day, I think. Natasha says they're especially fun to watch in the morning when the lambs run and skip. They had settled down in the warm afternoon by the time we arrived, so we didn't get to see them gambol.
We wandered on down the lane to visit the other farm animals. Here Bob peeks around the barn at us. He's not sure it's worth leaving the shade to say hello.
 But Natasha finally coaxed him out. He's a dear ol' fellow. Age 22.
We finished up our tour by stopping by to see the Guard Llamas and Calvin-the-Pet-Ram. The Bonnie Dog was our escort for the duration of the tour. We had Cookie with us, and she and Bonnie seemed to enjoy getting acquainted.

It was a fun afternoon. I'm so glad Natasha invited us to stop by!

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Natasha Marie said...

And I'm so glad you came! I love showing my sheep and lambs off;)

I'm so glad that Sweet Pea, Maggie, and Katniss were being so friendly. It's not nearly as fun when the lambs won't come up for petting and love:)

Bonnie and Cookie had a grand time together, that's certain:)