Saturday, June 8, 2013

For those of you who might be confused...

 ...these is puppies! (See? They're different than ponies!)

These sweet babies belong to my brother's family's dog. So let's see... if they are my brother's grand-puppies... would that make them my great-niece-puppies? I can usually calculate obscure family relationships, but when we start involving the pets... that's when I get confused.

Anyway, the wide-awake puppy is Zorro, and the snoozing puppy is Oakley. After playing with them for a few minutes I noticed that they were both girl puppies.

"Umm... Allen? Why is this girl puppy named Zorro?"

"Well... she has a black mask, don't you see? And she was named by small children. Some things you just don't question."

Makes perfect sense to me!
 Oakley was so sound asleep that she didn't even wiggle when Zorro started chewing on her ear. And Zorro's little baby teeth are sharp! Ask me how I know.
Pretty soon Zorro was ready for a nap herself, and was soon sacked out beside her sister in the cool grass.

Zorro and Oakley have 6 litter mates. I just didn't get pictures of all them, but it was sure fun to have them tumbling all over my lap and tugging on my skirt.

I love puppies!


Natasha Marie said...

Aww! Boxer puppies!! So, so adorable and I love their names, even if Zorro is a girl;)

pse said...

Awe...they are cuties! And Aunt Karla got to hold them!