Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving Day 2

 It was 4 degrees below zero when we left Bozeman this morning just before sunrise. We were a little concerned that one or more of our vehicles wouldn't start in such cold temperatures, but everything started right up so were off to a good start. We wonder if any of our belongings were ruined by such extreme conditions, but obviously we couldn't carry everything into the hotel!

I did carry in my pet house-plant which I've had for more than 40 years. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I should cover it just to carry it across the parking lot. Today it's looking pretty traumatized. Most of the leaves have turned black and limp. But it's a hardy little thing and has survived many hardships over the years, so I'm hopeful the root is still alive and it will come back. We'll see.
 Many of you have told us that you are praying for us. I can't tell you how much that means to us. We haven't run into any precipitation so far, though there has been wind, blowing snow, and ice. However, we can sense your prayers. Every time I start feeling nervous about the road conditions I can almost feel the angels all around us! So... THANK YOU for praying!
Laura took this panoramic shot of our little convoy at one of gas stops. It's not exactly been a fun trip, but we are making it okay. It's definitely an adventure!

Later this week I hope to share more of the details of how God has been working in our lives to lead us to this move.

Tomorrow's destination: Our new home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado!


pse said...

What awesome pictures! I'm thankful you are safely to your room for tonight. Rest well!

breakmydreams said...

Lovely photos and I hope your plant is ok.
Hope the last part of your trip goes safely, as you get to your new house :)

A Romantic Porch said...

My phone has been weird since Saturday (I tried to text)and I haven't been on the computer at all until midnight tonight. Well, I did get on for a couple quick things, but not to check up on everyone! I have been praying for you.
It's been cold here too with - 10 and - 12 degrees. I hope your plant will survive.
Love you, Rachel

Rebekah said...

Quite an adventure, but I'll keep praying. Looking forward to hearing that you all made it safely.

Denise said...

You all are thought of and prayed for often throughout my day. Looking forward to your safe arrival and settling in of your new home!