Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weevils in the Flour

Awhile back I was reading some (way) back issues in the archives of the Altus Times-Democrat newspaper on Google News. Altus is the county seat of the little town where my mother grew up. I am working on a novel set in the area during the Dust Bowl days of the Great Depression. This was an ad for a local grocery store during that time.

I guess they had more urgent things to worry about than weevils in their flour. "They are clean and harmless..." we are reassured. Yeah, I don't think I was all that worried about them being dirty and harmful. I just don't like the idea of bugs in my food. Apparently weevils fall in the category of First World problems.

On the other hand... I would like to have my groceries delivered right to my refrigerator, please.


pse said...

Did you ever see a weevil in the flour? I remember them. Yuck!

Farrah said...

Fun post!