Sunday, June 30, 2002

Mineral Ridge Geocaches

Wilson Trail: Wow! What a hike! This about maxed out the kids... but it was a beautiful hike, with plenty of benches along the way to stop for a breather. And the view from the cache location was well worth it! This was our first find with our brand-new GPS.

We sat for a few minutes just to soak in the view and catch our breaths, then we headed down the trail to the other Mineral Ridge cache.

Great cache! Great location!

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Take a Break Geocache

We stopped at this geocache on our way home to Idaho from Moses Lake. It was a fun one to hunt around for!

Sunday, June 16, 2002

I-90 East @ Centennial Trail Geocache

Being still new to the game, and not having a GPS yet, we thought this Geocache along the Centennial Trail would be a quick, fun one to do with the kids on our way home from church this morning. It was a little bit hot today for the walk from the rest area, but a great hiding place! We wished we had waited and brought our bikes!

We came up over the ridge and noticed a couple of people right where I thought the cache should be. Sure enough, we interrupted Lobo and his companion. (I hope we didn't rush them! ) But it was fun to introduce ourselves, and he had some good advice about getting a GPS.

We left an OTR cassette tape and a little craft kit. The kids took a bike license plate thingy, and a golf ball!

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Mullan Tree Geocache

This was our very first find!!! I heard about Geocaching several months ago, but didn't think there were any in our area. Someone mentioned it again yesterday, and I checked out the website again just out of curiosity. I discovered that there are indeed several in our area! We don't have a GPS, but we love to go for drives and find interesting out-of-the-way places, so this looks like a perfect hobby for our family!

This cache at the Mullan Tree nature trail sounded like it would be easy enough to find using the spoiler picture, and my kids are young enough (6 and 9) that it was a challenge just for them to find the right area by looking at the picture. Thank you SO much for making it accessible without a GPS! It was a perfect start to what looks to be a fantastic hobby!

We've been meaning for 4 years to stop and do that little hike, but after hundreds of trips over the Pass, today was the first time we stopped long enough to do it. It was absolutely beautiful! Well-marked trail... perfect for young children, but lovely enough for everyone to enjoy!

We left 3 South American coins, a small bean-bag animal, some small plastic stencils for kids, and a button. We took an old penny and a different bean-bag animal. The kids were absolutely thrilled!

Geography Quiz

Which states (of the 50 United States) are the furthest east, west, north, and south?

The answers weren't what I thought...

North: Alaska

South: Hawaii

West: Alaska

East: Believe it or not... Alaska! (Apparently Alaska straddles the line of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, so that makes it both the furthest east and the furthest west! Pretty tricky, huh? )

Monday, June 3, 2002

Ava's Man

I read a really good book last week called Ava's Man. It is the biography of the author's grandfather, who lived in Alabama and Georgia during the Great Depression. I love the writing style! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"Some people are just interesting. They can't help it. They just are."

"A yellow school bus came and got them and took them to school, and they only had to walk three miles to catch it..."

"The coffee would boil, the smell mixing in with everything else, and Charlie would begin to make the gravy. Ava would make grits, and fry up a mess of eggs, and twist open the top of a jar of preserves, and they would eat like rich people, only rich people don't really eat this good."

"Charlie would scoop up the fish and turtles--turtle soup was a fine thing then, even if you were not hungry--and leave the snakes. It may taste like chicken, as some people said, but it probably also tastes a little bit like snake, and even a little bit is a reason to gag."