Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Ancient One

"...anyone would follow a god who is always good to him, who is always there. But the Ancient One wants men and women who will serve Him when they feel as dry as dust in their hearts, when they've cried out, yet the heavens are silent. Those who feel as alone as is possible for a human being to feel, but after all of that, still love God--they are the followers the Ancient One seeks." (From Heart of a Lion by Gilbert Morris)

I have really enjoyed the 2 books in this series. I wonder if another one is out yet? They are novels about Bible characters. The first one was about Noah and his family, and the second one about Abraham and his family. I s'pose the next one will be about Jacob? The series is following the lineage of Jesus. I have found a few points that I'm not sure I see it that way from Scripture, but they are interesting and have made me think about ideas that perhaps wouldn't have occurred to me otherwise.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

And the Shofar Blew

Definitely a page-turner! I have read most of Francine Rivers' books and they are all so good. I could really relate to this one. Here's a quote from the book I thought was especially good:

"[The pastor] had softened his message. He no longer taught the foundational classes. His sermons brushed over the gospel and zeroed in on the good life in Christ. He'd forgotten that God wanted followers to live a godly life. That called for obedience, and sometimes meant suffering and sacrifice. The heart had to change before a life changed, before one experienced the bounteous joy that came from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, an indwelling of the Holy Spirit, a complete soul overhaul."

It is sad, but I see that a lot in "Christian" circles these days...