Saturday, March 31, 2012

Etsy Treasuries for March

For those of you who are interested... here are the beautiful Etsy treasuries that featured my "stuff" this month...

I love the subtle shades in this Peach and Aqua set... which is why I made up a set of washcloths in those colors:
The "Ya'll Come On Over Now..." treasury featured my white dishcloths:
Ahoy Matey! features a darling vintage sailor dress pattern that I had listed. It has since sold. I love vintage patterns, but I don't sew enough to justify keeping them. So I enjoy looking at them awhile, and then list them on my shop.
I just love seeing the variety of treasures available on Etsy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Sugar Bowl

I am just dying to show you my bedroom makeover, but until we start having some sunny days around here I'm having a hard time getting pretty pictures with natural light. I'm trying to appreciate the spring rains but I have to say the sunshine will be very welcome when it finally comes.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you the latest addition to my mix-and-match violet tea set. I haven't been actively looking for pieces to add to it, because I have enough cups and saucers now to host a pretty good size tea party.
I was browsing a thrift store a few weeks ago and spotted a violet sugar bowl. I didn't have a sugar bowl!
It even had the lid with it. I've seen other sugar bowls at thrift stores and garage sales that are missing their lids. As I picked it up to examine it, I realized it went with the snack plates sitting under it, and they were priced as a set-- $6 for 5 plates and the sugar bowl. 

Now I ask you-- what would one do with a set of five snack plates (complete with rings for the cups to sit in-- but no cups) and a sugar bowl, except add it to an eclectic tea set? I couldn't pass up a deal like that, could I? Of course not.
The plates are shell-shaped and I thought they would match the one snack-set that my friend Denise sent me awhile back. It turns out that these plates are slightly bigger and the pattern is a little different. This isn't the first time I've added to my set thinking one piece matches another piece I already have, and then they turn out to be different. That's one aspect I enjoy so much about this collection.
I've also added a couple of vintage violet greeting cards that I came across among some old family letters. And my sister-in-law recently gave me a beautiful vintage hanky with embroidered violets to add to the display. (I had taken this picture before she gave it to me.)

I wonder what will be added next? A cream pitcher would be at the top of my wish list, but we'll see.

Since it's Thursday, I'll join in with Vintage Thingies Thursday @ Colorado Lady... and hopefully by next Thursday I'll have some pictures to show you of my "new" vintage bedroom furniture.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silver Screen Blog Party

My friend Natasha Marie @ Day by Day is hosting a celebration in honor of the 1-year anniversary of her Etsy shop, Wool & What-not. She is offering lovely giveaways from several sponsors (including me). Be sure to pop over and enter her drawing.

As part of the celebration she is also hosting the Silver Screen Blog Party with a tag-style list of questions. While I'm not the classic films aficionado that she is, I thought I'd see how many of her questions I could comment on. Here goes:

It seems to be standard procedure for blog party questionnaires to begin by asking you to introduce yourself to the rest of the party goers. Far be it from me to be remiss in my duty, therefore, do tell us a bit about yourself, in as many or few words as you wish.
 I am a millinery model (i.e. wearer of many figurative hats) with a wide variety of interests. If you've missed some of my posts "about me" feel free to catch up. 

What are a few of your favorite classic films? 
Let's see... Some I've especially enjoyed are: 
It's a Wonderful Life
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Sound of Music
The Wizard of Oz
Meet Me in St. Louis
Gone With the Wind
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Out of those films, who are your favorite characters (not actor, character)?
I love George in It's a Wonderful Life, and Maria in The Sound of Music.

Share one of your favorite movie lines... 
I can't think of any. I'm more likely to quote lines from books or classic radio shows than movies, probably because I don't watch movies over and over.

What is your opinion on remaking classic films? 
I like to see remakes, especially if they do a good job of it and don't spoil the story or the charm of the original.

How about colorizing black and white films? 
I prefer the original black and white usually, though I will watch the colorized version if that's what's available.

Name a few of your favorite silver screen actresses. 
Doris Day, Judy Garland, Donna Reed.

Now a few of your favorite actors. 
Jimmy Stewart. That's it. Just Jimmy Stewart. 
Nobody else comes close.

Why are they your favorites? 
I don't know. They just are! 
{whine} This is hard, Tasha.

Do you enjoy westerns? Why or why not? 
Oh, sometimes. Especially if there's a girl in the story. Long, long ago, when I was a teenager, we used to get 16mm films from the library for an occasional Friday movie night at home. (This was in the early 1980s, lest you think I'm old enough to have watched these old movies when they originally came out. I'm not.) Our family didn't have a TV and that was before VCRs were popular, so that was a rare treat. One movie our library had was called Northwest Stampede. It was a western romance, and my sisters and I loved it. We checked it out from the library several times.

Are you a purist when it comes to adapting a book you love to the screen? 
To a certain extent. I really appreciate it when the film sticks close to the book, but if it deviates I can still enjoy it-- just not as the "same" story.

Are there any film adaptations that you enjoyed more than the original book? 
Not more than... but I thought Anne of Green Gables (the first movie) came awfully close. That's not a classic, though, unless you consider the 1980s to be vintage. And you might. But I don't.

There are a lot of wonderful classic TV shows, but which one is your favorite?
The Andy Griffith Show. 

After watching a musical, do you hum and singing snatches of the songs as you go about your day? 

Assuming the answer to the above is "yes", which song, without fail, get's stuck in your head? 
Any of the songs from The Sound of Music.

What's the corniest film you've ever seen?
Probably The Princess Bride.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome, Spring!

"What with all this snow and one thing and another, 
not to mention icicles and such-like, 
it isn't so Hot in my field about three o'clock in the morning." 

It's the first day of spring and we get snow? Lovely.

Oh, well. I take comfort in the fact that it's a wet snow--not sticking much, so hopefully it will melt soon--and that my lilac bushes have some teeny-tiny buds, finally. The big bush behind the car, and the two along the sidewalk-- the ones that just look like dead sticks? They're lilacs. I promise. I am greatly looking forward to their lovely blossoms and fragrance in a few weeks.

I'm tired of winter.

In spite of the weatherman, I'm going to believe the calendar.

It's spring!! I'm taking it on faith.

Friday, March 16, 2012


You know how I've said for awhile that someday I'm going to write a book? Within the last couple of years I have set some specific goals for myself in that regard, and I am very excited with the progress I'm making. It may not seem like much, but the baby steps are better than just wondering if I ever could, don't you think?

The first question I get when I mention I'm an aspiring writer is: What do you write? Well, right now, this blog... oh yeah, and occasional posts for the Sonlight blog. Other than that, not much. But I'm gonna write a book. I really am.

Next question: What kind of book? That one is easy. Fiction. Probably women's fiction. Maybe young adult. But fiction is what I like to read, so fiction is what I long to write.

Then: What's your book about? Up until just the last week or so my answer has been, "Umm... I'm not really sure. It will probably be set in the mid-twentieth century. Maybe in a small town... And that's all I got!" I really sound like I know what I'm doing, don't I?

Last week on our road trip, it came to me. The subject of my novel!

I'd like to say the Lord gave it to me, but that kinda sounds like I think my book will be divinely inspired like the Bible, or something. On the other hand, I know I could never do this without His help, and if He is truly calling me to write He will give me the story and enable me to do it. So yes, I think God helped me come up with a subject that I am excited about.

So, to repeat the question: What's your book about? It's going to be set during the Great Depression on a road trip across Route 66. I'm still working on the characters and plot. You know The Grapes of Wrath, right? Well, it will be nothing like that. Except for the setting, of course. John Steinbeck, I'm not.

When I shared my idea with Lyle his immediate response was, "We'll have to research that, won't we?" We had traveled across a segment of the old Route 66 several summers ago, and we have often talked about how much fun it would be to travel the whole length (as much as still exists). I don't know if or when we'll be able to work that in (because we live nowhere near Route 66), but it would be neat, for sure.

Anyway, I'm off to the Inland Northwest Writer's Conference in Spokane today. I'm really glad the Lord gave me this idea last week so I can be thinking about it as I learn more about the craft of writing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hotel Decor

Honestly, as I've said before, I'm not a decorating snob. But as a detail person, I notice things. Now, I have my house decorated the way I like it, and I hope you have your house decorated the way you like it. If I come over to your house I'm going to notice your decor, but I definitely will not criticize it. We all have different tastes and I think that's great. However, I do have to wonder sometimes, what in the world the decorator was thinking in some of the hotels we've stayed in. Some of you may remember my post from several years ago when I stayed in a vacation home in Florida that had a confusing collection of pictures on the walls.

On this trip we stayed in cheap motels on the days we traveled such long hours. Mainly we were looking for clean beds and hot showers. One night we walked into our room to be greeted by this garish combination of bedspread and drapes. I guess they do have some of the same colors, but I'm glad I was asleep most of the time we were there. {shudder}
We stayed in a nicer hotel the two nights we were in Loveland. The decor there was classy enough, if a little generic, and not to my tastes. However, there was this religious statue on the dresser.
I think it might be Buddha.

In any case, it's not the God I worship, so I decided to tuck it away in a cupboard so we didn't have to look at it all weekend. When we got ready to leave, I decided I better get it back out so the hotel wouldn't think we had stolen it or something.

Then I got creative. Time for a conversion! I covered the statue with a pillowcase...
 ...and then got the Gideon Bible out of the drawer to prop on the little offering plate or whatever it is that the statue is holding.
I thought that took care of it nicely. I don't know what the housekeeper thought when she found it, but my family thought it was funny.

I was just being a good Christian witness. {said with tongue firmly in cheek}

Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Trip Wrap-Up

 We traveled approximately 4,100 miles in 9 days. That averages out to 450 miles a day, but of course, the distances were different each day. Monday and Friday were the only days we didn't travel.
 Yesterday was our longest day on the road, from Casper, Wyoming to Post Falls, Idaho. It was 811 miles and took us about 13.5 hours. Lyle did all the driving the entire trip. It's his Thing, you know. Because we were pulling a trailer, he tried to keep the speed at 65mph or under. That was hard for him.
 I love traveling through the western states and watching the scenery gradually change. It is so unpopulated and the wide open road beckons. Every couple hours I reached for my camera and snapped pictures through the windshield. No signs of green in the roadside grass this far north just yet.
 As we approached the mountains we ran into some light rain, which eventually turned to snow.
Lookout Pass on I-90, on the Montana-Idaho state line, was snow-covered and slippery. That was the only "bad road" we had the entire trip. It was snowing there as we left and still snowing as we came home. I wonder if it snowed there the entire time we were traveling?

That was about an hour-and-a-half from home, and the snowy part was only a few miles. It's cool and damp at home, but I am confident spring is really just around the corner. Daylight Saving Time helps with that notion.

Needless to say, I have a very long To-Do list today.

"Road Trip Wrap-Up" blog post... Check.

Now I'm off to do the next thing.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the Season Begins

 My first homeschool convention of the season starts tomorrow in Loveland, Colorado. Today, on our road trip, we stopped at the Sonlight warehouse to pick up my convention supplies for the season.
 Barb, our wonderful convention coordinator, had my supplies ready and waiting... and Lyle, driver-and-packer-extraordinaire, quickly and efficiently got everything loaded into our little trailer.
What you can't see is the bedroom suite that my mother gave us, in the front of the trailer. Yep. I'd say we're pretty loaded.

We even got to Loveland with enough time to spare to get the convention supplies unloaded and ready for set-up in the morning. If you live in Colorado, I hope to see you there tomorrow!

Ozark Back Roads

 Tuesday afternoon's route took us winding through the Ozarks from Arkansas into Missouri. It was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny and warm like we never see in Idaho in March. We opened the sun roof and enjoyed the fresh spring air and the rolling hills. (We can't bring ourselves to actually call the Ozarks mountains.)
 Wednesday morning was cooler and overcast, but still a pleasant day for a drive. This view is from my uncle's yard where we spent the night. They may not be true mountains but the Ozarks do have a beauty all their own.
And of course I couldn't pass through Mansfield without stopping by to say hello to Laura Ingalls Wilder. I didn't have to time to stop for tea, but as it turns out, she wasn't home anyway. So I just snapped a quick picture to prove I'd been there, and we went on our way.

We stopped in Rolla to visit with Lyle's parents for a few hours then headed on over into Kansas where we spent last night.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Mother and Dad!

Today is my parents' 47th wedding anniversary. 
We are privileged to be with them to celebrate today... 
and even more privileged for the beautiful example of they have set for their children all these years,
of what a loving marriage should be.
We are all so blessed!

Springtime in the Ozarks

 It was snowing and about 24 degrees as we left Mitchell, South Dakota yesterday morning. We turned south in Sioux Falls. As we traveled the snow stopped, the sun came out, and the temperature began to warm up. Late in the day I began to notice some green in the grass along the roadside. And then I spotted a clump of daffodils blooming.

It was after dark when we finally arrived at my parents' house in northwestern Arkansas, but as we carried our luggage into the house I noticed there were daffodils blooming in the yard. This morning I stepped out to snap a few pictures. I didn't bother to put shoes on. Much to my surprise the ground was warm enough that I didn't even need them. I walked all around the property in my bare feet. It brought back memories of when I was a barefoot little girl playing on this very farm with my siblings, my cousins, and my aunt Rachel.
The paved road, however, reminded me that time is moving on. As far back as I can remember the road had been dirt. The pavement has been added since the last time I was here, two years ago. It's a definite improvement... but ya know, I kinda miss the old dirt road.

Anyway, it will be at least six weeks before the daffodils start blooming at home. I'd love to just stay here for a month and watch spring develop, then go home before it starts getting so hot and humid here and the annual battle with ticks and snakes begins.

But I have "promises to keep... and miles to go..." so we'll be heading on down the road tomorrow.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

South Dakota

 It's been a long day-- 14.5 hours on the road. Needless to say, our stops have been short. We have enjoyed talking, reading, listening to audio books, working puzzles and watching the scenery as we drove.
 Since it's still technically winter, the landscape is mostly gray and brown and bare. But the sky was beautiful in western South Dakota late in the day. I snapped these pictures of our "rig" and our seemingly tireless driver at a rest area.
 A few minutes later the sky began to change colors as the sun set. I took these pictures from the car window as we drove.
It was about 10:30pm CST when we got to our motel in Mitchell. We left home last night and we've already lost 2 hours. Our itinerary for tomorrow calls for about 12 hours on the road.

See you along the way!

Road Trip

It's been over two years since we've been on a cross-country road trip, so we've been looking forward to this one for awhile, even though it's going to be a lot of miles in a short time.

We got off to a later start than we had hoped yesterday evening. We planned to drive for several hours after we all got off 'work. Laura and I were ready to go by mid-afternoon, but Lyle had a last-minute rush job come at the print shop. It was after 6:00 when he got home, and pushing 7:00 by the time we finished loading and got on road.

We had motel reservations near Butte, which was about 5 hours away. There were snow flurries as we drove through the Silver Valley of the Idaho panhandle, and over Lookout Pass into Montana. The interstate was clear, though, so it didn't slow us down much. We are pulling a small utility trailer so Lyle is trying to keep the speed at a steady 65mph to help with gas mileage.

We got to our motel about 1:00am MST. Today will be about 14 hours on the road, so we needed to get a pretty early start. We left the motel about 6:45. We stopped for gas 50 miles or so down the road. Next door was a wonderful bakery and deli, Wheat Montana. I had seen signs for it along the road before, but we hadn't ever stopped there. So, of course, we had delicious pastries and coffee for breakfast. Their lunch menu looked really good, too, so we'll have to keep that in mind next time we're in the vicinity at the right time of day.

Central Montana is currently sunny and warmish-- in the mid 40s. Today's destination is Mitchell, South Dakota.

Stay tuned for more updates as we travel.