Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friendship Tea

 I love the way God brings special friends alongside to encourage me just at the time I need it most. One day last week I received a package in the mail from my childhood friend, Denise. I haven't seen Denise in... oh, 20 years or more... but we reconnected online about 3 years ago and have stayed in touch sporadically since then. However, it had been awhile since I had heard from her. Her family has some health problems, so I was sure she had been busy with that. But when my daughters carried the package in to me the other day and I saw the return address, I just knew it was going to be something special!

And I was right! The box was filled with bubblewrap with this note on top:
Merry Christmas, Karla!
    Enclosed are three different tea cups with violets that I have collected for you! The collection was started when I briefly left my husband's hospital room for a break and visited a favorite thrift store nearby. There the snack plate with tea cup was spotted. A thought of you brightened my dreary day and the collecting began!
    Tea for one is fun... but not as much as tea with three! So, I thought I would wait to send it until I had enough for you and your girls! Yesterday, I finally found the third one!
     Enclosed are some homemade Buckeyes from the Buckeye State~ sweets from where you and your Sweeties first met!
     I trust you had a wonderful Christmas that 2011 will be the best year yet!
     Your Childhood Friend,
 I have to say, that quite made my day! And gave me just the lift I needed! I loved unwrapping and admiring each beautiful piece to add to my eclectic violet tea set. My girls were just as charmed as I was.
Thank you, Denise, for such a lovely gift... and especially for your words of encouragement!


Dori said...

how incredibly sweet!!!

Margaret Cloud said...

What a wonderful friend and the tea cups are very pretty. We all should have friends like her.

pse said...

I love it! And thanks to Denise for making your day.

Sandra said...

Bless His name, He knows what we need and when we need it and it comes along somehow, some way.

Denise said...

You are so welcome, Karla! You made many a day bright with your letters ~ and your mama did too with the thoughtful packages she sent to us in Africa!