Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Sunset

Laura has inherited my enthusiasm for sunsets.Sunny days are rare this time of year, but if there's any kind of color in the sky at all late in afternoon, she'll holler at me on her way out the door, "Mom, I'm going down the street to take pictures!" We have a good view of the western sky from our kitchen window, but we get the best pictures a couple blocks further west.
This evening, however, her most spectacular shot was of the mountains to the north. This picture was taken in our front yard, looking up the street. The picture is not as sharp as Laura would like, but the bright pink sunset light reflecting off the snow and low-hanging clouds was very dramatic!

I noticed this evening that sunset is a little later than it had been. Spring is still a ways off... but it's coming!!


Dori said...

It looks like the mountains are on fire...ok, PINK fire, but still. That is beautiful!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh my goodness - - - looks like fire on the mountain, run boys run!!!

Michelle said...

Slowly the days are getting longer.
I love the beautiful snow still laying on our ground.
But I do look forward to the burst of Spring with its fresh new life.

william2233 said...

Nice picture, from a children author

Penny said...

A beautiful picture. I've been reading your blog regularly, but I'm now, officially, following you on NetworkedBlogs and GFC.
Have a wonderful week...
A mini-crew member