Friday, January 21, 2011

Enjoying the winter

Picture credit: Laura Cook, 2011
Winters are long in northern Idaho, but usually they aren't terribly harsh. Some winters we get way too much snow... and others we don't get much at all. So far this winter has been an interesting mix of cold and snow, followed by warmer winds and rain, which clears away the accumulated snow... so when it snows again it's all fresh and new. I especially appreciate the rare days when the sun comes out and makes the snow sparkle.

For two or three days last week the daytime temps even got up in the low-50s! That's shirt-sleeve weather around here! We knew winter couldn't possibly be over yet, but it was sure a nice break.

I'm looking forward to spring... but I'm trying not to wish the days away.


bp said...

We are hoping to get a little snow here before winter is over! Pretty picture.

pse said...

Beautiful picture to see from my warm room!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Neat picture! Good job, Laura!!

Writer said...

I like the picture. I know I am ready for winter to be over. It would be nice if the kids could just run outside and have fun on the swings after school. Have a great weekend.
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