Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Wonderland?

They say we are having the snowiest winter that this area has had in 10 years. We moved here 9 1/2 years ago, so we are "enjoying" the most snow we've seen in a very long time... ever, maybe. We got several inches a couple weeks ago, and then it turned cold... single digit cold... so, of course, the snow on the ground didn't go anywhere. Finally yesterday it "warmed up" enough to snow some more (low 30s). It started snowing about 24 hours ago and hasn't let up yet! We probably have a foot of fresh snow!

As if the snow wasn't excitement enough, this morning we woke up with no power. When my husband called in to the power company he got a recording that said they were aware of the outage, but didn't give any indication as to how long the power would be off. The kids lit the oil lamp, and were almost bouncing off the walls with the excitement of it all. Much to their dismay (and our relief) the lights (and heat!) came back on within a few minutes.

Earlier this week, when it was so cold, our furnace had quit working in the middle of the night... and we got up to a temperature of 54 degrees inside the house... and no water in the upstairs faucets. We were grateful that it was a quick fix for the furnace, and that no water pipes had burst. (Just one loose connection caused a leak that my husband was able to repair.)

Quite enough "excitement" for one week!

The picture above is of the woods behind our house this morning. The picture below shows the "mountain" of snow that has accumulated beside the house from the snow sliding off the roof! The kids think they could just take their sled up on the roof and... wheeee... down they'd come.

I love to watch the snow fall... and pile up... but when it stops, boy, is it going to be a humongous mess out there! I'm just not going to think about that right now.


Dori said...

it's me de-lurking!

pse said...

Beautiful snow! It reminds me of the snow we had just before Timothy was born.

Katey said...

this has been a very long winter so far we got about a foot in Blanchard

Rachel said...

That pile of snow sliding off the roof is amazing!