Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Printable Postage

Have you discovered printable postage yet? It is the handiest thing to be able to weigh my packages, apply exactly the right amount of postage and then just drop them off at the post office without having to wait in line to have them weighed.

Between my publishing business, Paperback Swap, and SwapaDVD I usually mail a dozen or more packages a week. This has been so handy for me! Here are some tips I've discovered to make the process easier:
  • I usually print my postage from the PayPal site because it takes it right out of my PayPal account. There is no fee for printing the postage, and sometimes it actually comes out cheaper than it would be at the post office. (I think certain classes of mail offer a discount for printing postage online.)
  • Online postage automatically includes Delivery Comfirmation. I think it costs 18 cents extra, but then you get a tracking number so you can know when it is delivered. That has come in handy more than once!
  • If you mail things via Priority Mail you can order free boxes and/or envelopes from the post office website, and they'll be delivered right too you.
  • Speaking of Priority Mail, sometimes you can save money by using the Flat Rate Box or Envelope. The box costs $8.90 to mail and the envelope is $4.60. You have to use the box (or envelope) the post office provides, but as long as your item fits it doesn't matter how much it weighs... it still costs the same. Occasionally I have found that larger, bulky items that don't weigh much are actually cheaper using regular Priority Mail, but if your item weighs more than a couple of pounds, the flat rate is a good way to go.
  • I understand that the post office will also pick up your packages from your home if you use Priority Mail. I haven't scheduled pick-ups myself, but I may see about doing that soon.
  • With printable postage you can drop off packages in the "blue box" even if they are over 13 ounces. (Packages over 13 ounces with stamps have to be handed over the counter inside the postage office.)
Printable postage works for me!


Hope said...

Hi Karla,
I wondered about the printable postage when we were doing Ebay recently. I never did try it, even though my hubby got tired of standing in line at the post office! I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for the info.

Thanks, also, for the info on my pictures on my blog. I'll check into the google affiliated sites and see if that makes a difference. I found out you have to do html to expand the size of your template. I figured I'd mess up if I tried this since I know very little about html. When I fist started my blog I used the medium size pics and had no problem. Then for some reason everything started to squeeze together in the middle! The only reason it bothers me is that sometimes it cuts off parts of my pics that are important to the overall view of it! Oh well...


Anonymous said...

I do the printable postage from Paypal also. I didn't realize though that you could drop packages into the box if they were over 13 oz. Thank you so much for that information. I mail out a lot of books and they will fit in the box but I always took them in if they were over 13 oz. You've just saved me a bunch of time!!


nor_lou said...

I did not know you could pay postage with paypal

farrah said...

I didn't know any of that stuff! Not even about printable postage! You can tell I don't mail stuff very often!

Be Inspired Always said...

Thank you for this tip. As an author I send out alot of books. I didn't even know about this. I guess I'm closed off in my office a bit to much.


Angela said...

I've been doing this a ton the last year. Priority mail regardless of packaging through paypal has free delivery confirmation. And carrier pick up is awesome. You just have to have a single priority package and however many snail mail packages and they'll pick it up. I LOVE IT!

Angela said...

The other really really really great thing about paypal shipping is that you can cancel the postage if you need to. Say you print and it ends up being heavier than you thought. Or if you end up not shipping it. You can also reprint too. The refund does take a few days but its so easy. I was always skeptical of doing it online because I thought I'd be hosed if I messed up.

Also, for postal scales, I priced out for a while and found one on ebay for $19 including shipping. Its a dream and goes up to 35 lbs. We've used it for the kitchen when needed as well as for shipping all the time.