Monday, January 28, 2008

Blue Skies

Can you stand one more post about the snow? We woke up to clearing skies this morning and the sun on the snow is so gorgeous that I just had to take some more pictures! (Click on the pictures to see them bigger and with truer color.)

The top picture is of our driveway with the mountain in the background. My husband and his brother worked for 5 hours yesterday getting the driveway cleared... and that's with a snow-plow on the front of my brother-in-laws pickup.

Below is what the pile of snow off the roof looks like this morning. I hope it doesn't take us until the 4th of July to dig out!

Hope you're having a sunshiney day!


Farrah said...

Unbelievable! We aren't that far from you, but we don't get nearly that much! Still, I think this is the most snow we've seen since we moved here about 8 years ago. There's a nice big pile for Kylen to play on from the plow that came through last night.

Tyna said...

Oh pretty! I don't get snow, so live vicariously through others!

Hope said...

Hi Karla,
Wow! You snow mountains look almost as big as your mountains in the background!! Beautiful!! I remember snows like this where we had to "tunnel" out of the holler where we lived. Not any more. We got almost 3 inches not long ago and considered it a big snow!! LOL

Rachel said you might be able to help me decipher what's wrong on my blog. My pictures are being cut off on the right hand side and the whole layout kinda squished up together in the middle with lots of blank space on both sides!! When you have a minute please take a look at my post today and see if there's anything I can do or if it's Blogger. Any help would be appreciated!


Dori said...

Wow! It's so pretty. Wish I was there to get to enjoy it with you.

Vader's Mom said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow!!!

Rachel said...

Oh Wow! So much snow. I know those piles will last a long time. They do here I know! Love,Rachel

Anonymous said...

pretty pictures! I love snow!

The Going Blog said...

Those pictures look really pretty to us but we didn't spend 5 hrs. shoveling it around. ha My favorite snow in day is a Sunday--one can truely rest guilt free. I don't need more than one a year though :)