Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On the Road!

Gotta post tonight just because I can! We are traveling east on I-90 through Missoula, Montana as I type! Way too cool!!!

The cell connection is spotty and slow, though. Not the most reliable way to connect to the internet. Glad I don't have to depend on this all the time.

Monday, July 25, 2005

What next?

This is it. We have arrived. There is nothing left to get. We have it all!

My DH's cell phone was acting up so he went to the phone store to see about getting a replacement. While he was there he got a cable to connect his cell phone to his laptop. We can connect to the internet via cell phone while we're tootling down the highway!! At first I though, oh, yeah, I've heard of being able to check your email over your cell phone... but no, this actually connects your computer to the 'net! Just like if you had it connected to a regular phone line. It does use up minutes so we'll only be connecting during free hours (nights and weekends), but still... it just boggles my mind!

We plan to drive all night tomorrow night, headed to the family reunion. Guess what we'll be doing to stay awake while we travel? Well, no, not the driver (DH)... but maybe I can find something interesting online to keep us both entertained and awake! 'Course, cell phone signals aren't always the greatest in parts of the west.

Monday, July 18, 2005


We are "dog-sitting" for some friends this week. The kids are loving that. Our dog died of old age last fall, and we have chosen to not get another one for awhile. We do have a cat. The cat loved our old dog, but she's pretty sure she does *not* like this one!

The dog we're keeping looks like that breed that is on Sesame Street sometimes. (At least, it used to be when my kids were little. I expect they still run those segments.) The ones they dress up like fairy tale characters to act out stories? Know what kind I mean? I think they said "Vizsla".

We picked raspberries this morning. Got about 5 quarts. We made a cobbler for lunch, and put the rest in the freezer. I love having berries in the freezer!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I'd post an update if I could form a coherent thought that wasn't somehow related to Sonlight Curriculum. This is the busy time of year... homeschoolers choosing their curriculum for the upcoming school year... so I basically just eat, sleep, and dream Sonlight in the summer. When I come to blog I wanna talk about something else, but I can't think of what...

My folks arrived safely today. We were happy to see them! Since this is an R&R trip for them, not really a vacation, I made everyone take a nap this afternoon. Protests all around (except from Dad, of course) but everyone cooperated. (Well, the kids didn't actually go to sleep, but they did go to their room and were relatively quiet so their grandparents could rest.) I had to confiscate Mother's cell phone to make sure no one woke her up! She actually slept nearly 2 hours, and then fussed because of "all the crazy dreams" she had, which she says happens any time she naps in the day time. I told her, "Tough luck!" She'll just have to put up with the crazy dreams 'cause I'm gonna make her take a nap every day! She is so far behind on her sleep, I think it will take her months to catch up. I read once that if someone dozes off any time they get still (which she does) that's a sign that they aren't getting enough sleep. I think that's true.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Cleaning house

I gotta clean house today! And I just wanna whine about it. I don't like cleanin' house! If I'd just learn to maintain better I know it would be an easier job.

I am having a Sonlight Open House this evening from 4:00 - 7:00. I had several people who wanted to get together to look at my materials, so I decided it would just be easier to have 'em all at once. Of course, once I do, I'll still be getting calls from other folks who missed the Open House, wanting to get together. I figure I'll probably need to schedule another one in August.

Oh, well... I guess it's good that I'm forced to clean house today. My folks are coming Tuesday... and my Mother is supposed to rest so I need to have as much as I possibly can done before they get here. She has a way of finding all sorts of little jobs that need doing, and taking it on herself to do them when she visits! Somehow I've got to convince her that the "little jobs" are not up for grabs! This trip is strictly for R&R!

Friday, July 1, 2005

Life Just Isn't Fair

My 12yo thinks it should be! I was chewing gum today. She asked if she could have a piece. I told her, "No." (I was outside at the time, and the gum was in my purse. I didn't want her to go digging for it. But I also didn't feel obligated to explain all that to her.) She comes back with, "But you have a piece!" I told her, "Get over it. Just because I have gum in my mouth doesn't mean you are entitled to it! You often have gum when I don't!" I guess she accepted the logic of that because she didn't say anything else about the gum. Still... you'd think she'd know better than to sass by now. "Mom" is being inconsistent there somewhere.

Not two minutes later she is whining, "How come R's sunflower is taller than mine?" (They each planted a seed in a cup a couple months ago, and then transplanted them to the flower bed. The plants are now maybe a couple feet tall.) Good grief! Like I'm supposed to control how fast the plants grow?!? Of course she knows that plants grow at different rates of speed! She was just wanting to complain!

That was a perfect example to me of how it's futile to try to make everything "fair" for the kids. Some things are just out of my control! Yes, I could've dropped what I was doing to go scrounge up a piece of gum for the poor deprived child, ...but I chose not to. What was I supposed to do about the sunflower, though? Cut off her sister's plant so it wouldn't be taller than hers?