Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I'd post an update if I could form a coherent thought that wasn't somehow related to Sonlight Curriculum. This is the busy time of year... homeschoolers choosing their curriculum for the upcoming school year... so I basically just eat, sleep, and dream Sonlight in the summer. When I come to blog I wanna talk about something else, but I can't think of what...

My folks arrived safely today. We were happy to see them! Since this is an R&R trip for them, not really a vacation, I made everyone take a nap this afternoon. Protests all around (except from Dad, of course) but everyone cooperated. (Well, the kids didn't actually go to sleep, but they did go to their room and were relatively quiet so their grandparents could rest.) I had to confiscate Mother's cell phone to make sure no one woke her up! She actually slept nearly 2 hours, and then fussed because of "all the crazy dreams" she had, which she says happens any time she naps in the day time. I told her, "Tough luck!" She'll just have to put up with the crazy dreams 'cause I'm gonna make her take a nap every day! She is so far behind on her sleep, I think it will take her months to catch up. I read once that if someone dozes off any time they get still (which she does) that's a sign that they aren't getting enough sleep. I think that's true.

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