Thursday, July 4, 2002

4th of July Geocaching

Yellow Dog: What an absolutely FANTASTIC hike!!! We had NO idea this was here. The falls are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sending us up there!

It was interesting to note that the cache location was only 15 miles from our home, yet it took us 45 road miles to get there! We enjoyed the drive!

After we turned on Yellow Dog road and at the dead-end discovered we were still a 1.5 miles from the cache, we decided that there must be a different road that would take us closer. So we went back out to the highway and drove a little further till we saw the signs posted on the cache page. Then we were on the right track! We decided the hider must've named it Yellow Dog for that very reason! Great trick!

Two Mile Cache: Great spot for a cache! It's nice to have them along the interstate for those traveling through.

Ginny's Cache: Great hiding spot! What a trail! BigSister gets the credit for finding this one. Fascinating story about the Ginny ghost!

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