Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Geocaching in southern Idaho

Pickled Cache - Great hiding spot! My brother who lives in the area was with us. This was his first Geocache.

Uncle Lane - This was our second find of the day. RacerDude had the GPS and was rummaging around in the bushes several feet away from the hiding spot. I walked right to it because it was hidden just exactly where I would have hidden it! Loved the spot!

Sittin' By the Dock o' the Bay - Great little hike, and looks like a good place to fish, too.

Lower Wilson Creek - Quite a drive in for our old van, and then quite a hike for our old out-of-shape selves! But, we made it! And it was worth it! Beautiful area!

Prehistoric Cartography - We had a cache to hide somewhere and leave for my brother to maintain, and he suggested Map Rock as a neat location. As I was thumbing through my print-outs, I told him that someone had beaten him to it! So, of course, we had to make a special point to find this one. Very interesting historical site!

MD's HideAway - We arrived at the parking lot and saw signs which said ALL PUBLIC ACCESS PROHIBITED... RacerDude thought we shouldn't attempt it because of that, but I thought maybe it would be okay if we went around the signs way off to the side. Dummy me! I should've listened to him! We got to the area where the GPS said the cache should be when all of sudden BigSister (age 9.5) let out a blood-curdling scream!!! She had been stung by a hornet. We rush to help her when LittleBit also started screaming. She had also been stung. We took off at a dead run for the van, but not without all four of us (and the dog!) getting multiple stings!!! (From 2 to 5 each.) OW! OW! OW! We literally had to fight the things off, and had the kids hide under blankets in the van while we chased away the hornets that had followed us to the van. That was our first experience with Attack Hornets! I have never seen insects be so aggressive before! We wondered if that was why the signs had been posted?

Bumpy Ride - Didn't find this one. Climbed all over the place, looking in all the nooks and crannies, but no luck.

Lake Lowell - We didn't find this one either. We spent way too much time looking for it! Too many hiding spots.

Old Scout Camp - Here is where we hid the geocache we brought along for my brother to maintain.

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