Saturday, March 1, 2003

Mission Impossible, Double Jeopardy Geocache

This geocache was the most fun I've had since my... ahem! 9 visits... to Camo Art 2 last summer! I was walking, but I noted the parking coordinates and assumed I was in the right area. About 500 feet out I saw a group of agents near the destination. So I hung back watching to see if they were on our side or if they were enemy operatives. They acted very much like agents, but I couldn't be sure. As they turned to leave and came toward me I was able to ascertain their identity because they were carrying appropriate agent apparatus, very similar to the one hanging around my neck! As they approached I decided to flat out ask them if they were enemy operatives. They were not... and turns out this was only the 2nd cache for some of and they were skunked! So I offered to team up with them and they headed back with me to look some more. It took quite a bit of climbing around and looking under and over and all around... as is usual with niskibum's caches... but at last a team member located the communication kit. So we were able to note the next set of coordinates. After that we split up again as they were headed to get some lunch. I set out for WP 1 and located the appropriate area but did not find any clues. I had to abandon the mission for today as I had an appointment to get to. I will need to assemble my own team (I was working alone today) and return to finish the mission at another date.

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