Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just Ramblin'...

Currently Reading
Double Vision
By Randall Ingermanson

I really enjoyed this book. The espionage kept me guessing. The most interesting thing was that the hero of the story had Asperger's syndrome. A young man I know has that, and definitely has some challenges to deal with. This book helped me understand a little bit more about it.

In other news...

I joined this week. Looks like a pretty neat deal! Swapping books I've read and am ready to pass on for "keepers"! My user name there is "karlacinid" if anyone wants to sign up and give me a referral credit... or add me to your buddy list. You get 3 free credits (each credit is worth 1 book) just for listing 9 books, whether anyone requests them or not. After that, it's 1-for-1... one credit for each book requested.

I had some major dental work done Friday. A filling, a crown replacement, and a wisdom tooth extraction all in one sitting. I was doing pretty good until last night. I think I got a "dry socket" where the wisdom tooth was. Pretty painful. The dentist called in a stronger pain med for me, so now my brain is in slo-mo. It was weird through the night. I would doze off and dream, but in my dream I was always in pain!

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