Friday, June 30, 2006

Time to move

It's time for us to find another house to live in. For the past 4 years we have been living in a house owned by the church we attend. The church has decided to sell the house, and we don't care to buy it, so we need to move. *sigh* I don't mind moving, but it's oh-so-much-work! This house is very small, and as the children are growing up we really do need a little more room.

We have been looking at various options and have about decided that now is not the time to buy. Housing prices are just all out-of-reason in this area, IMHO. The house we live in is less than 1,000 square feet, 2-bedroom/1 bath, and *old* and it appraised for over $150,000! I just cannot fathom that! It will be wonderful for the church if they can get that much out of it, though.

For now we have decided to rent an apartment that is attached to one of the print shops owned by the company my husband works for. At least in this case we'll know the landlord! Other good news: it's actually bigger than the house we are currently in and the children will each have their own rooms. However, it needs some electrical work, so my husband will need to do that before we can move.

I don't have time for this! I need to be working full-time this summer!

I was thinking wistfully today of the kick-back-and-relax summer days of my childhood. Is that life-style even possible any more?

We actually did some moving-type activities today, so the fun has begun! I've been bringing home boxes from the print shop this week, and last night DH brought the shop's utility trailer home and parked it behind the house. He told the kids to start filling it up! So they did! I had to work today, so I wasn't much help, but oh, the kids had a good time! I cringe just to think of what's going in those boxes and in what order... but hey, it's getting packed and moved. I'm just so pleased that the girls are finally old enough to be a real help. No, they don't do things the way I would necessarily, but it still helps.

After DH got home this evening we went over to the "new" apartment to do some measuring and figuring. DH for some electrical wiring that he needs to do before we can move in, and me to figure out where to put furniture and curtains and such. DH said I could have the whole upstairs room for my "dream library"! It's a great big room... 20 x 30' or something and will be our bedroom and office, too, but there is plenty of room for lots of bookcases! I'm so excited!

Our vacation is scheduled in 3 weeks. We talked about cancelling, but as the trip includes a homeschool convention (in Modesto, California) where I'm supposed to represent Sonlight, we decided we better go ahead and go. We plan to move when we get back. I'm ready to go on vacation now! I don't want to have to stew about the move for 3 more weeks.

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