Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mini Doilies

 During the summer I worked up some new designs for my Etsy shop. I showed you some of my new listings a few weeks ago. One I didn't post was this sweet little coaster doily. It's been listed since July, but I hadn't sold any. That's just the way it goes sometimes. It's hard to say what will catch someone's eye.

And then, this past weekend I got a request for a custom order from someone who wanted 20 of them, but made up in different colors! She wanted ecru with dainty pink, mint green, soft orange, baby blue, and soft yellow-- 4 of each color. I was thrilled. I love to work with colors.

Before I started crocheting them, I sent her a picture of the thread colors to make sure that's what she had in mind. It was. "The colours are perfect!" she said. (She's from Australia where, apparently, they add an extra u to the word color.)
I loved how they turned out. The ecru really makes the pastels pop, I think. 
As I've been working on them, I couldn't help speculating. I wonder why she wanted 20? I wonder why she wanted those colors? I wonder if they are for a wedding or another special event? What would you use them for?
Just for fun, I made up an extra one in burgundy and ecru. I think it would be a pretty Christmas accent.
The sage green one, which was the first one I made back in the summer, goes perfectly with the Coca-Cola theme in my kitchen. As you can tell, I love sage green.

Which is your favorite color combination?


pse said...

They are all beautiful, but I'm with you, I think I like the ecru and sage green best.

A Romantic Porch said...

Well Karla, those are darling and I'm impressed that you already have them finished. I can't imagine...but then...I don't crochet!
I like the blue one and it surprises me to say that, because I usually don't choose blue. I usually choose green...hhhmmm...what's my problem?
xo rachel