Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Passion Play

The girls are participating in the Passion Play of Denver each night this week. This is Laura's second year to take part. She talked her sister into joining in this year. Rebecca wasn't too sure about participating at first, but now that the performances have started, she is loving it. It's been a great experience for both of them.

Their first performance was Palm Sunday evening, so Lyle and I went to see it that night. The girls are part of the Crowd. They don't have speaking parts, but I think the Crowd is an important part of the play. It wouldn't be the Easter story without the Crowd, now would it? I told them they could be Jesus' friends, Mary and Martha, sisters in the New Testament.

I asked Laura to take off her glasses for the picture, but she didn't want to. She isn't allowed to wear them for the play, and she got tired of people telling her take them off! Oh, well.

He is Risen!