Friday, April 22, 2005

Pet Peeve

A pet peeve of mine... mostly 'cause people don't know better, I'm sure...

When the time changed a couple weeks ago, we entered Daylight Saving Time. So if you're telling someone your time zone, it's Pacific Daylight Time (or whatever zone you're in) *not* Pacific Standard Time! Standard Time is in the winter. Daylight Time is in the summer. (Unless, of course, you live in Arizona or parts of Indiana or some other country, which don't switch to Daylight Time.)

As I was picking up phone messages today (from around the country) I had at least two people say they were in Eastern Standard Time. *sigh*

Speaking of correct word usage... I have noticed that most people know that B.C. means "Before Christ" but a lot of people think that A.D. means "After Death". It doesn't. It stands for "Anno Domini" which is Latin for "the Year of Our Lord".

Just another random piece of trivia...

(What I've never figured out is why B.C. represents English words, and A.D. represents Latin words. Maybe the Latin words for "Before Christ" also start with B and C? That's probably it!)

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