Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lost Knitting Needles

I pulled a good one yesterday. It was Homeschooler's Hour at the library. The kids went to their "class" and I dropped off some books in the book return before signing up for a study room. My books were in my knitting bag, which I took back out to the car after I dropped the books off. I took my laptop to the study room to work on some stuff while I waited for the kids. I had taken along both my laptop and my knitting because I wasn't sure which I would decide to work on.

When I got home and got my knitting out, I couldn't find my circular needles. (I had a mistake in the sweater so I was in the process of unraveling it a few rows, so the knitting was not on the needles, but I had put them in the bag!) I thought maybe the needles slipped out of the bag in the car, so I went out to check. Nope. I looked through the bag again. Nada. Then it occurred to me that maybe they got caught between the pages of a book and got turned in the library. No, surely not! But since I couldn't find them anywhere else I decided to call and see. Would you believe it? That's exactly what happened! How silly! I felt kinda foolish going back to pick them up... but I was glad to find them.

I finished unraveling back to the mistake, got the sweater back on the needles and I'm good to go!

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