Monday, November 7, 2005

Homeschool Convention

Our local homeschool support group had a fall conference on Saturday. I had a booth for Sonlight. My husband and oldest daughter were gone for the weekend on a business trip to Arizona, so I had my younger daughter with me. She did better than I thought she might, but I'm glad I don't have that extra responsibility to have to worry about at larger events.

My favorite thing about going to so many homeschool conventions throughout the year is the networking! One family had a booth to sell harps that the dad makes. The harp they had there was made of cherry wood and absolutely gorgeous. The family has 8 children... 3 teenage girls (who all play the harp), 4 younger boys, and then a baby girl, age 1. Just the mom and the girls were there. The girls took turns playing the harp in between sessions and in their booth. That was just fascinating!

I was also able to visit with a mom about some vision therapy information I needed for my older daughter. It has been amazing to me to watch God open doors for the needs my children have in just the right time.

A Creative Memories lady I know (who, coincidently, also has 8 children!) also had a booth, but she has recently started doing photography, in addition to CM. She did her daughter's senior pictures recently when she found out how expensive they are through a studio, and they turned out so well that she decided to offer her services to others. She has entered photography in the fair in the past and won ribbons, so it's not like she just took it up on a lark. I was very impressed with her work and her prices, so I will definitely use her! I just haven't been impressed with Sears Portrait Studio in the last few years.

My big splurge of the weekend was 2 sets of Your Story Hour history CDs. My family loves audio books and dramatized radio programs.

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