Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Meet the Candidates

Our homeschool skate meeting was today. Typically the kids skate... the moms have a meeting, with time for fellowship (what I call "just vis'tin'") afterwards. Well, today we had an interesting experience...

I knew it was "Meet the Candidates" day at the skate, and while I'm not exactly what you'd call "politically active" I figured I would just take my knitting and find an out-of-the-way corner to just listen... or tune 'em out and daydream... as I knitted. As we approached the skating rink we noticed that traffic was backed up really bad. (Small city, main highway, but not an interstate. The highway has really lonnnnng stop-lights through that part of town, but traffic usually does flow pretty well.) We soon realized that the stop-and-go traffic was a result of the traffic light being out. It was a huge mess! I gingerly made my way through the intersection and arrived safely at the skating rink to discover that the power was out in that part of town! After some general confusion and chaos the skating rink people finally decided they could open all the doors which would allow enough light inside that the children could still skate, and the weather was pretty enough that the moms and the "candidates" could have their meeting outside. That worked out about as well as could be expected. I got the kids signed in to skate then went back out to find a seat in the sunshine. (The wind was chilly! I was only bearable when the sun was not behind a cloud.)

Now, like I said, I don't pay a lot of attention to politics. I am forever grateful to those who do! When it comes time to vote I usually just ask someone I trust who I should vote for! Not very responsible of me, I know, but I figure I do my part taking responsibility for other things in life. Today's experience was a perfect example of why I don't care for politics! I actually thought I might take away something worthwhile from this opportunity to hear each candidate speak. The homeschool organization had a short list of questions for each candidate to address. Guess what? Every last one of them had the exact same answer for every question! (Okay, there were a couple of minor exceptions, but nothing that would swing my vote one way or another.) Really, the only thing I had to judge them by was my general impression of personalities! Afterwards I was visiting with a friend and confessed my aversion to politics. She told me which of the candidates were "good ones" and I was kinda surprised to find that my "gut feelings" had not steered me wrong. But, overall, I considered the 2 hours of listening to the various ones speak a general waste of time. I still wouldn't know who to vote for if my friend hadn't told me!

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