Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Denizen of the Porch

Tabitha-the-cat is an outside cat. She prefers to be an outside cat, thankyouverymuch! Just ask her. She'll tell you! We tried keeping her in one winter and she nearly went stir-crazy. She is much healthier and content living outside, but she still stays close to home and is very fond of her family subjects.

Tabitha mostly lurks around the tiny deck porch just outside the kitchen. She has discovered that it is nicely furnished with cushy pillows and rugs. Not only that, the sunshine hits the deck just so, right about nap time in the afternoon.
It is a great place from which to survey her domain because she is a very nosy cat and wants to know everything that's going on. If Mom comes out with a camera, that's a good time to hide under the chair and observe the proceedings "undetected"!There is also a very handy cat-size ledge, just outside the kitchen window. She jumps up there and peers in the house if activity is going on in or if she needs to get our attention. Since she's a girl-kitty, we call her Peeping Tab instead of Peeping Tom!

Why am I showing you cat pictures, you may wonder? Well, it's because my deck porch gets to be the featured porch for November at Rachel's Romantic Porch! She wanted to honor me for my anniversary and birthday this month.

The thing is, I don't have a "real" porch, and my pictures are kinda boring compared to some of the lovely porches she has featured in the past, so I thought it would make it more interesting if I showed you that my tiny faux porch really does have a living, breathing personality!


Melissa Wertz said...

Karla, I don't have a 'real' porch either. I have a front stoop and a very large back deck. I, like you, see these lovely porches and wonder how I can make mine look like that. We will just have to work on that together. :D

Anonymous said...

I really wish I wasn't allergic to cats. I would love to have one. I know there is medicine to take for those allergies but I'm already on so many pills, I wouldn't want more! Thanks for sharing!

TattingChic said...

Hey! Am I seeing double or didn't I just see your porch over on "Romantic Porch"!?! Your kitties are adorable.

Toots said...

Your "porch" looks lovely, Karla! I see snow in the one picture... guess winter is in full force for you all now?!
Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and congratualtions on having the featured "porch" on Rachel's blog this month!

Named Alicia said...

Your kitty is adorable! I love kitties. I have one that used to prefer outdoors. But as he gets older, he wants to be indoors. He is 14 years old. So, he's allowed. I have looked up from from washing dishes to see this cat staring at me. It gave me quite a start the first time it happened.

I love your porch, too. It looks very inviting!

Have a great week, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I love the cat pictures. Tabitha looks like a good kitty. Is she just an outside cat? PO's an inside/outside cat. He stays out most of the day.

Aliene said...

I like your pictures and your porch, I mean your deck is lovely.
I have a back porch with a cat sitting on my glider and leaving hair all over it. Since it is my grandson cat I bear with it. Guess uncle S. will have to do the vacuuming of it since I am allergic. Happy birthday and anniversary. Be sure to look at my blog Friday and also the KJV blog. Lots of love to a sweet niece.

Becca said...

Porches with kitties are much more fun than regular porches!