Monday, December 12, 2011

Lights on the Boardwalk

I love the lights of Christmas! One of our favorite traditions is to go for a Christmas Eve drive, sipping hot cocoa, listening to carols, and enjoying the lights. In the meantime, we enjoy seeing the lights as we go about our business on these dark evenings.

One evening the girls talked us into going over to Coeur d'Alene and walking on the boardwalk to see the light display on and around the Coeur d'Alene Resort.
Granted, I'm not a professional photographer, nor do I have an amazing camera... but I was pleased with how well my phone camera captured the lights. Better than my regular camera, I think.
My favorite display was at the end of the boardwalk... the nativity scene... the Reason for the Season.
Many of the light displays tied in with the secular aspect of Christmas, of course. There were even a few that didn't tie in with Christmas at all-- a hot air balloon, a green sea dragon... and Noah's Ark?? That reminded me that I had seen a Noah's Ark figure in with the Christmas decorations at one store (I don't remember where) and it was labeled "nativity scene"! Um... somebody have their Bible stories mixed up, perhaps? Or, let's see... maybe the animals came two-by-two in a boat to visit the Baby Jesus?
There are also nightly cruises to the "North Pole" which I think is a little island in the middle of the lake where Santa sits. We didn't want to pay to take the cruise, but we had fun waving at the boats. Or at least, some of us did. Others of us were embarrassed at the ones who did the waving.
It was a fun evening... making memories!

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Farrah said...

I read an article recently about how many lights they added this year. Can't remember, but it was a LOT!

Re: Noah's Ark with the Nativity - That's revisionist history for ya! ;-)