Sunday, April 15, 2012

Packing My Bags

Heading into a very busy fortnight... yeah, I was gonna say "two weeks" but "fortnight" just sounds so much more literary, dontcha think? Anyway, on Tuesday Becky and I will be flying to Arkansas to help my mother for a few days. She broke her ankle several weeks ago--pretty severely, actually--and of course, has very limited mobility. So we will help with the meals and laundry and errands--and enjoy keeping her company. I'll be taking my work and Becky's homeschool books with us, so I have no doubt that our days will be full.

We'll be flying into Fort Smith, which is a small airport. Mother and Dad usually fly in and out of Tulsa or Oklahoma City to get cheaper tickets, but due to the circumstances this time, we decided it would be best to use an airport closer to their home. The Spokane airport is not exactly a hub either, so flying from one small airport to another means we have connections. Going out we will change planes in Salt Lake City and Memphis, and then coming home it will be Memphis and Minneapolis. Our connection times are pretty tight, so I hope the flights will be on time.

I don't plan to check luggage. First of all, it greatly annoys me that airlines charge extra for it now... and then fuss at you for having carry-ons! Also, I'm afraid that changing plans twice with such short layovers would result in our luggage not arriving when we do. So I've elected to pack light and haul it with us.

We leave home at 4:30 a.m. PDT and will get into Fort Smith at 3:45 p.m. CDT. Since I'm not sure if we'll have time to grab lunch at an airport, I'm packing some nutritious snacks. Apparently I have a great fear of being bored because I'm making sure our Kindles and digital players are charged and loaded with plenty of books and audio books. And then, what about that period of time after we board the plane when we can't use our electronics until we get in the air? Yep, better stick some magazines in for that few minutes of each flight. After all, there will be 3 flights, you know. Hey, it's better than reading Sky Mall or whatever their stupid airline magazines are.

Oh, goodness. I do digress, don't I? I started off telling you how busy we are going to be for the next two weeks, and then I spend two-and-a-half paragraph waxing eloquent about air travel! Dear me!

Anyway, we'll be coming home the following Tuesday. That gives me one day to do laundry and finish packing for the Christian Heritage homeschool conference in Redmond, Washington the following weekend. I know it will all fall into place at the appropriate time, but it sure takes a lot of planning to make sure it all comes together.

Life is always an adventure!


pse said...

I will enjoy being a part of your adventure. Looking forward to you getting here.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Safe travels, friend! And I'm sure your mom will enjoy having you there, as well as you enjoying being with family! Have fun!! We'll be traveling as well...going to IHC and then straight to homeschool convention. Busy, but good days!

Farrah said...

That sounds like a lot, but I think you are up to the task! Praying for your mom's speedy recovery. :-)

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