Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I love unintentional malapropisms. They make me smile.

My youngest daughter, who has auditory processing delays, uses them quite frequently... but she gets a little frustrated when we ask her to repeat what she said because we aren't sure we heard it right. That clues her in that she used the wrong word, so she'll usually just "Hmph! Never mind!"

Her latest one that I especially enjoyed was when she told me Sunday that she has two "Timothy sets" that we can get out and display at Christmas time. I was a little puzzled until she explained further that a Timothy set has a Baby Jesus... and Mary... and Joseph. (Though there's a problem with Joseph's staff. It won't stay in his hand.) Nativity set! Of course. Yes, that does sound a little bit like Timothy!

Yesterday at co-op I was helping in a class where the teacher was demonstrating some optical illusions. The little girls in the class were very impressed. "It's an optical delusion!" exclaimed one.

Don'tcha love it?

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Farrah said...

Yes, I DO love it!! =)