Thursday, January 27, 2005

Soda pop

Turns out I *had* heard of peanuts-and-Coke. My sisters and brothers remember doing it at lunch time at a Christian school we went to. I had totally forgotten about it! I bet I never tried it back then. I was in the 7th grade and probably much too "cool" to do something so childish... I just thought it was one of those weird food combinations that kids come up and claim to like... like mayonnaise-and-peanut-butter sandwiches or chocolate milk on their cereal... or something like that. Anyway, it's not bad... but I'll probably still mostly just drink my Coke with only ice in it and eat my peanuts on the side!

It's kinda interesting the flavor combinations that Coke and Pepsi have come out with lately, though... I worked at a deli/soda fountain, oh, 20 years or so ago. Remember the "New Coke" vs. "Classic Coke"? It was during all that hoopla. And the "Pepsi Challenge"... oh, yeah, and de-caf "Pepsi Free"... We had fun trying different flavor combinations then, too. We would add cherry syrup... or vanilla... or even chocolate syrup. I don't remember if we tried lemon or lime. We thought we were being so "old-fashioned" going back to some of the 1950's soda fountain flavors!

My DH misses "Apple Slice". When Pepsi came out with Slice (their version of Sprite) it was available in lemon-lime, orange, and apple flavors. Maybe others. I don't remember. DH really liked the apple flavor and was disappointed when they stopped making it. I just had a brainstorm, though! I could buy frozen apple juice concentrate and mix it up with seltzer water! I bet it would taste the same! Okay... gotta try that!

I did make boiled peanuts a week or so ago. Hmm... that already sounds good again. I bought enough raw peanuts for more than one batch. B'lieve I'll go boil some more!

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