Thursday, May 26, 2005


For the Roses by Julie Garwood is one of my favorite romance novels. Read it years ago. We watched the Hallmark movie that was based on it this week, so I had to dig the book out to re-read it.

Speaking of roses, they are just beginning to bud in my neighborhood. The irises are at their peak. I don't have either in my yard. I have one large pot of pansies and violas on the porch. I planted the pansies last fall and they survived the winter. They love the cool-ish spring weather and are just going to town... blooming their little hearts out!

I also planted 3 grape tomato plants in a large planter. They are beginning to bloom already! I was so late getting my tomatoes set out last year that they didn't do much. Hopefully I'll have better luck this year. Nothing like home-grown sun-ripened tomatoes! And I love the little grape ones that you can just pop in your mouth.

A friend gave me a start of spearmint that is just going to town in another planter. I'd like to get a piece of peppermint to stick in the other end of the same planter. The same friend gave me some "pungent" plants that were coming up in their garden... it's either garlic or chives. It will be interesting to see what develops. I stuck those in another planter. (Can you tell I lean toward container gardening?)

Let's see... what else do I have going? Oh, yes... a wheelbarrow full of strawberry plants! Our elderly next-door neighbor died last year. She was a wonderful gardener. Her son (our pastor) gave me the wheelbarrow of strawberries last fall. I threw leaves on top of it and pushed it up against the house. This spring I took the leaves off and moved it out in the sun. The plants are blooming! Maybe we'll have a few berries off it.

I do have one little flower bed by the front steps. I need to get some annuals to put in it. This year I'd like to just do a mix of 4 or 5 different things all jumbled together. I should do that this week. I'd also like to fix some hanging baskets of annuals for the porch. They are expensive to buy already put together, but maybe I can put some together myself for a fraction of the cost. We'll see.

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