Monday, August 22, 2005

Getting Ready to Paint

We're getting ready to paint our house... It is currently a funky green color... bright green... not exactly lime... kind of a medium shade of mint. Just not the most "trendy" color. Oh, and the trim is dark brown! I am really curious as to who came up with that combination to start with... and why?? No, it's not *the* most awful combination ever, but it sure wouldn't be my choice.

We've been driving around looking at houses trying to decide on a new color. In the new housing developments all the houses seem to be neutral colors with white trim... pale taupe, cream, shades of pale gray... just boring! I do like the white trim, though. I would go for light blue with white trim except the house next door is that combination. So I'm thinking of pale sage with white trim... maybe even dark sage accents. Sage would cover this "weird green" nicely. And then we would just have the trim to have to do multiple coats to cover the dark brown. I originally wanted white with navy trim but DH said that he didn't want to have to cover the green with white. So I'm trying to decide on a "color" that is at least as dark as what is already on the house, without going too much darker because of the fade factor.

DH used a power washer to wash the house Saturday. Now we just need to touch up a few places with primer, and we'll be all set for the youth group to come help us paint! We scheduled a work day for September 10th. Since this is the church "Youth House" we try to involve the youth in the maintenance of it. They enjoy it, and it's good training for them! I'll get some sandwich fixin's and cookies and a cooler of pop on ice, and they'll think it's a party!

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