Saturday, January 7, 2006

birthday party

We had a birthday party this afternoon! We invited the "girl cousins" over for a Hawaiian themed "party". One of the things I planned for an "activity" was experiencing fresh tropical fruit. I bought a pineapple, a coconut, a mango, and some kiwi fruit. The pineapple was a big hit. The cousins had never tasted fresh pineapple, but they ate it as fast as I could get it cut up! Kiwi was familiar and popular. The mango had mixed reviews. Some liked it. Some didn't. (I tell you what, the mango is one strange fruit to cut up! I guess I had never tried one before. I could only slice wedges off the side of it. The middle was hard, but pulpy. Weird. Maybe I need to learn about mangoes before attempting to serve one again!) The coconut was hilarious! The kids were really looking forward to it. They were sure they wanted to drink the milk. When my husband finally got it open (with a hatchet) most of the "milk" had leaked out, but there was enough that they could each stick their finger in it for a taste. Apparently it wasn't what they were expecting because no one asked for more than just that taste! And no one cared for the "meat" much either. They said they liked grated coconut better. I told them that was because grated coconut was sweetened. So now... I need ideas of what to do with a fresh coconut!

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