Monday, January 2, 2006

State Library

We just got R signed up to get audio books from the State Library by mail. It's a "free" (i.e. tax-supported) government program for the blind and handicapped. She qualifies because she has "an organic disfunction" that prohibits her from reading at grade level. We had to get an MD to sign for it, but her doctor was happy to do it. She's 10 and can barely read first grade materials. Actually, both girls have learning delays but they both love to listen to stories on tape. We have a bunch of Adventures in Odyssey, Sugar Creek Gang, and Your Story Hour which they really enjoy. And we have exhausted the audio books available from all the public libraries in a 40-mile radius! So we are super-excited that this program is available for our family. We got 5 books and the player to start with. As we finish a book we can just pop it back in the mail and they'll send us the next one on our list.

I know the kids will enjoy having a bigger variety of books to choose from, but the most exciting part for me is that since we use Sonlight Curriculum (a literature-based homeschool curriculum) about 2/3 of the books I need to read to them for school next year are available on tape! That will allow me extra time to concentrate on one-on-one tutoring subjects such as spelling, math, and phonics.

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