Thursday, December 28, 2006

CocaCola "stuff"

I got some fun Coke-themed stuff for Christmas... the cutest little Christmas tree ornaments, a tiny tin lunch-box, and some Coke-flavored Lip Smackers! The Lip Smackers were from my husband. He got them for a joke, expecting me to give them to our teen-age daughter... but, nope! I'm keepin' 'em! I am going to take the hanging cords off the tree ornaments and put them on my type-case miniature shelf, too. They are too cute to only see at Christmas time.

My DH is working late tonight, and I'm too tired to do anything that requires much brain activity, so I was surfing through a blinky site and came across a really cute Coke blinky. That made me think of my little goodies... so I thought I'd tell you about them and post the blinky here, just for fun!

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