Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tough choices...

Seems I'm always growing and learning... I hope I never stop! (Honestly, I've met some people who are a good bit older than me who seem to have never grown up. You just gotta wonder, "How did they get to be so old with so little sense?" And I'm not talking senility either! But I digress...)

Anyway, circumstances in my life recently have caused me to ponder... well, a lot of things, actually... but in particular the concepts of submission, obedience, and taking a stand for what you believe to be right. I have never been able to tolerate being told what to do. Ask me nicely and I'll bend over backwards to help... but don't try to force me. Is that a good character quality to have? I'm not sure. I've been examining my heart about it...

My conclusion is that God calls us to obedience, but he doesn't force us to obey. It is our choice. I joyfully choose to submit. God has proven Himself. He can be trusted. Always. That makes it easy for me to submit to His will.

The Bible says that wives should submit to their husbands, but my husband doesn't force me to submit. I joyfully choose to, because my husband has also proven himself trustworthy. That makes all the difference.

We are choosing to walk away from a church we love because important decisions regarding the future of the local church have been made without the consent or input of the local people.
No relationship has been established with the ones making the decisions. Something about that just seems very wrong. So we have to take a stand for what we believe to be right... but it's so hard. Just heart-breaking. I'm not sure where we go from here. We'll be up in the air about this for some time to come, I'm sure.

One lesson I am taking away from this experience, though, is the importance of building relationships with and proving myself trustworthy to my children. I am reminded that this is critical if I hope to have their hearts and have them "joyfully" submit to what I believe to be best for them from day to day.

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