Friday, June 24, 2011

Animal Collectibles

A couple of years ago for Christmas my parents started a collection of Schleich animals for Becky. She really enjoys her collection and would add to it with every bit of pocket money she ever received if we would just let her! We think it makes it more special for her to just get a few occasionally, so we told her she can't buy them for herself. My parents bring her one or two every time they come, and she usually gets a few for Christmas and her birthday. She treasures each of them.

A few weeks ago, I happened across a giveaway of Schleich animals on Have Sippy Will Travel. It was a collection of 7 animals that Becky didn't already have. Samantha offered several ways to enter and I think I did them all! I knew Becky would be thrilled if I won. I didn't tell her I had entered, though, until I got the notification a few days later that I had actually won! (Thank you, Samantha, for the great giveaway and for making the extra effort to get in touch with me.)
Becky was very excited to add to her collection the Water Buffalo daddy and Calf, the Warthog Family (complete with both parents), and the Lion daddy and Cub.
When my parents came this time they brought her the Kangaroo. And then she used some money PaPa gave her to get the Lipizzaner stallion. (We let her get just one since the money was a gift.) She loves to pore over the catalog to think about what animal she might get next. Her collection is steadily growing.


Alane with Monsters in Tow said...

Stopping by from the Crews. Looking forward to a great year! I'd love to have you stop by and follow me, too!

Patriots of the Republic Academy said...

We love the Schleich animals here, too. :)

Dori said...

Our kids love the ones mom and dad bring too!