Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ramblin' Thoughts

This past weekend we went camping Up the River.
 It was an uneventful weekend, as far as excitement goes. The weather was lovely. Sunny. Not too hot. Though the flies were nasty through the middle of the afternoon, for some reason.

It's always so good to get away from our normal day-to-day responsibilities and just enjoy some down-time deep in the forest. We drove over the mountain and stopped for a couple of short hikes. I particularly enjoyed the wildflowers. (Watch for those pictures soon.)
We spotted a few squirrel, a couple of deer, and a hawk soaring in the sky. We also came upon a strange bird sitting in the road perfectly still. None of us knew what kind of bird it was. We could see its eyes moving as it looked around, but it wouldn't get out of the way. So we crept closer (in the truck). Finally, it waddled off into the brush and then flew away. Anybody have any idea what kind of bird it was, and why it acted that way?
I miss living in the country, so I'm glad we are able to go camping frequently.


Jan said...

I suspect that would be a grouse...and perhaps had a nest near by. They are not a very active bird. That would be my guess, anyway. They seem dumb at times, but are protective of their nests and babies.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I bet you're right, Jan! It was about the size and shape of a duck, but it was obviously not a duck. I probably would have guessed grouse if I had thought of it.